New Hope United Methodist Church

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Sean began to experience his call to ministry after visiting Haiti and having the opportunity to teach at a local university in Les Cayes.   He decided it was time to discern this calling  and with no surprise, it proved to be another formative experience.

Outside of ministry Katie and Sean are avid triathletes that compete all around the southeast. Katie drew Sean into the sport late in 2015 and now regrets the monster she helped create. There are many days in which you will see either of them running the neighborhood, swimming in pools or lakes, or riding their bikes all around town; and yes, maybe even to church. ​

While attending Candler he met the love of his life, the former Katie O’Dunne. They were married on June 4 of 2016 and enjoy sharing many of life’s adventures together. Katie is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She not only serves at Kirkwood UCC, but serves in a full time role at Woodward Academy as Chaplain and the head of religion. They share many interest in and out of ministry together. Both have a profound interesting passion for ministry with the poor; however, both would agree that the “poor in spirit” (Matthew 5:3) and the “poor” (Luke 6:20) are often two different people that when put together offers a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.

After putting off seminary once before, his pastor asked, “would you rather be a dull tool or a sharp tool?’ Within a few months Sean was serving his first church appointment in Rome, GA and began attending Candler School of Theology. He admits that the church was by far the steepest learning curve that he had ever encountered; far more than living in a foreign country, or beginning graduate school.​


Sean was raised in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. where his mother, father and brother still live. He grew up playing soccer, fishing in the creeks, boating on the water and surfing at the beach. From a very early age he knew that God was calling him into ministry; however, like most, this call took many years to come to fruition.  He graduated from the University of Alabama in 2008 with a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. He was involved in state and federal politics and looked to earn a law degree while working in Washington, D.C. 

Come and meet our Pastor!       

Rev.   Sean  Kilpatrick