Who We Are

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers

– bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents 

– united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

  • Join and Perform with our choir.
  • Be a greeter/usher which is a great way to get to know members.
  • Get behind the scenes by assisting our administration needs
  • Join our technical, grounds or kitchen crews.
It is easy to get lost in this day and time with our cell phones, iPads, 24-hour news cycles, social media, and work habits, there’s virtually nowhere to go for a moment of peace, quiet, and tranquility...

That’s where New Hope United Methodist Church comes in. This small country church is nestled in the rural countryside far away from the city's busy streets and commercialism.  New Hope provides a quiet place to listen to God's whispers and reflect upon your life and spiritual calling.  New Hope is uniquely located where the the dirt and pavement meet, metaphorically and literally.  At New Hope, you will able to put aside your worries and find yourself in the presence of God.
New Hope United Methodist Church

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia